Monday, December 8, 2014

Baseball 365 1995 Baseball Digest- Ripken Cover

               Today I visited my favorite store on Earth. It is called Baseball 365 and it is located in Bloomington, MN. They carry many many brand new baseball gloves, bats, cleats, and everything baseball! They carry name brands like Mizuno, Easton, Demarini, Rawlings, etc. I recently bought my Rawlings Gamer Glove there. Great prices too! The shop is owned by two guys named Ryan and Tom. They do a great job with the store. This store is FAR better than an average Dicks or Sports Authority. Their gloves and bats are the best brands at good prices and everything is brand new. They also carry cards and memorabilia. It is the baseball lover's dream shop! Since I am a die hard Os fan, I purchased a 1995 issue of Baseball Digest with Cal Ripken Jr on the cover. I was surprised at how much smaller the earlier issues are compared to the new Baseball Digest issues that are the standard magazine type. If you are ever in the area, please check out the shop!
CRJ Baseball Digest Front


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