Thursday, December 4, 2014

Markakis to Braves

               Yesterday the Atlanta Braves snatched rightfielder Nick Markakis up off the free agent market. This makes me EXTREMELY sad and a bit mad because I am a very big O's fan. I was sad when Nelson Cruz was signed by the Mariners and Cruz was only in Baltimore for a year! Markakis has been a life long Oriole. I can't believe that Dan Duquette didn't sign him. This is definitely not good for our fan base and our 96 win year last year probably won't repeat next season, sadly. Some reports say that the Orioles may be interested in Michael Morse who can replace Cruz with some pop at DH. But in my opinion, Kako is not replaceable. I do hope that Orioles stars like Manny Machado, Chris Davis, and Matt Wieters can have comeback years. Machado spent most of the last 2 seasons on the DL with bad knee injuries. Chris Davis did not have his remarkable 53 homers last year as he did in 2013. And Matt Wieters had Tommy John Surgery as a catcher. Ouch. I do believe that my O's will still win the East next year! 
Nick Markakis #21

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