Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Topps

               Today I was at Target and I decided to buy my first packs of Topps 2015, as they just recently came out. I bought 5 packs and each card was very cool! They look alot better than last year's. I even got a neat Jackie Robinson Story card that come limited. I got just 4 Orioles cards. I can't decide whether to add them to my 2015 Topps binder or my overall Orioles binder. I'll probably go with the Os binder because all of my other 2015s will go into the other one. I'm very happy with the Os cards that I did receive, even if there were only 4. I'm especially happy with the De Aza because it's his first Orioles card and Schoop's card because I believe he will be great in the future! 

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