Monday, March 23, 2015

Big Mail Day

               Today I sent out 6 cards through the mail, a rather unusual amount for me. But with it being spring break, I was able to have time to write letters to Gordon Beckham(he is one of my favorite players), Joe Kelly, Jim Gentile, Sam Doolittle ,and Matt Shoemaker. I just had to send two cards to Beckham because I like him so much! I sent him a 2014 Topps heritage and a normal 2014 Topps card. 

               I sent these cards to the team spring training facility, but I wonder if I should have sent them to the actual stadium, because there is only a week or so left in spring. I am sending out more cards soon, so if anyone has any thoughts as to where I should send the cards, that would be helpful. Thanks. 


  1. I think you'll be okay with these requests, but any requests from now on I'd send to the regular season stadium.
    I've only sent 4 or 5 Spring Training requests, but haven't gotten any back yet.

    1. Thanks! I will send out my other cards to the regular season stadium.