Thursday, January 29, 2015

One That Got Away

               There is one particular item that I didn't get signed at Twins Fest this year. It was last season's All Star Game Limited Edition Program. I was aiming to get Glen Perkins and Kurt Suzuki on it, since they closed out the game. Well that's one thing to add to next years list!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Twins Fest Wrap Up

               I'm finally home from Twins Fest. I had a pretty tiring two days! Every step and minute of waiting was worth it though. Today I got Torii Hunter(finally), Stephen Pryor, Kohl Stewart, Kurt Suzuki, Ryan Pressly, and many more. All of my items will be displayed now! Next year will be even better!

Torii Hunter and a Grab Bag

Just got through to Hunter line. He is so nice. I also got Stephen Pryor. I got back in the same line to wait for Kurt Suzuki when my dad came back with the last All-Star Grab Bag! It had a whole bunch of cool stuff including an awesome authentic fitted twins cap. I couldn't be happier!

In Line For Hunter

Just got in the doors and I ran over to Toriis line. I was lucky enough to be about 40 or 50 people back in line. People who came in gate 6 got here first. I know where I'm coming in next year.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sunday Twins Fest Is Happening

My parents were nice enough to let me go to the Fest tomorrow too because I wasn't able to get Torii Hunter. It is pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm very happy! I might get Kurt Suzuki and Perk on my 2014 All Star game program, since those two closed out the game.

Twins Fest In Pictures

Twins Fest 2015 Wrap Up

               I'm finally back from Twins Fest! I sure had a great time. I think they just keep getting better and better. As I posted earlier, I made Joe Mauer my first stop. Boy is he great! After that, I did miss out on Torii :( . I may go tomorrow though just for him. After I missed out on Hunter I caught the tail end of a Bert Blyleven signing. I got the the line with time to spare. He signed what would've been Torii's ball. I'm still happy with Bert. I got the new skipper Paul Molitor on a great 8x10 I purchased earlier from Fan HQ. With him, I had Miguel Sano autograph a baseball on the sweet spot. Then I headed to Tony Oliva and Byron Buxton. I was very happy to get as good of a place in line here that I did. Buxton also signed the Sano ball because I thought it would be neat to have the two top Twins prospects on a ball together. Tony O signed my other ball. I got four autographs on 3 balls. Pretty good day!
Joe Mauer

Paul Molitor 8x10

Joe Mauer Card

Bert Blyleven Ball

Miguel Sano Side of Ball

Byron Buxton Side of Ball

Tony Oliva Ball

Buxton and Olivas line

This is my last signing of the day. I might go again tomorrow to get T-Hunt. I got to this Buxton and Oliva signing 2 HOURS early, and I'm about 35 people back in line. It won't be another hour or so until they even hand out TICKETS! Oh well. Still my favorite time of year. I was just down by the vendors at the lower concourse. It was PACKED. There was a 45 min wait just for an elevator. We better hope there isn't a problem down there.

Twins Fest 2015 Early

I got up at 7am today thinking I would get a terrific place in line before doors open for Saturdays Twins Fest. I was wrong. We were more toward the middle and I had to wait for at least 45 mins. I was lucky though, because at other entrances the lines were twice as long! It is still early today. I got in Joe Mauer's line just in time at 9:15 and I got him to sign a really nice card (I already have him on a ball). Joe always has a great attitude and he chats with every fan! A great role model. After Mauer I walked just about as fast as my legs could take me to catch Torii Hunter. His line was at least a mile long when I got there. I was sad I couldn't get him because I've never met him before. Always next year though? After I missed out on Torii I caught the end of a Bert Blyleven signing. I went through it with ease. He signed a ball for me. After Bert I went down to the Champions Club to get lunch and watch a little bit of Fan Fued with Dick Bremer and Blyleven (I got a picture with Bremer and Mauer). Now I wait in Molitor and Sano's line. Ugh.... A while of waiting.