Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weird Return To Sender

               Yesterday I received a return...from the post office in Somerset, MA. That is where Greg Gagne lives and I was sending him a TTM request. But the post office there sent it back to me with a stamp on it saying it had an irregular shape. What's weird about this is that I have mailed my requests the same way for years and the only return to senders I've gotten were for wrong addresses. I guess Somerset is more strict...

               So today I mailed it again with the return envelope enclosed in my letter and card. Then I folded it very long and flat so that the letter took up the entire large envelope. Hopefully Somerset is okay with it now!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Big Mail Day

               Today I sent out 6 cards through the mail, a rather unusual amount for me. But with it being spring break, I was able to have time to write letters to Gordon Beckham(he is one of my favorite players), Joe Kelly, Jim Gentile, Sam Doolittle ,and Matt Shoemaker. I just had to send two cards to Beckham because I like him so much! I sent him a 2014 Topps heritage and a normal 2014 Topps card. 

               I sent these cards to the team spring training facility, but I wonder if I should have sent them to the actual stadium, because there is only a week or so left in spring. I am sending out more cards soon, so if anyone has any thoughts as to where I should send the cards, that would be helpful. Thanks. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dale Sveum Return

               I received one return today. 
Dale Sveum signed his 1988 Score card for me from back when he was with the brewers.

I hope to see a Curtis Granderson return in the mail soon. I sent a request about 2 weeks ago.